Data feeds that provide fresh content for news sites of all sizes.

What we offer

Right now we are focused in our lottery data API, scratch off API and our sports widgets.

As a value-add proposition we also offer lottery results as text articles aimed at news sites.

We also offer financial data, aimed at helping news sites cover markets.

Our next product is about getting engagement back to news sites and away from social networks.

We help automate repetitive data entry tasks to allow people do what they do best, transform news in stories.


We believe that all media, no matter how big or small, should be able to provide interesting content to its readers.

That's why we offer flexible plans to accomodate to the needs of our partners.


Making sure journalism recovers it's place in society. We aim for sustainability through engagement.


First we started reducing infraestructure costs.

Then we started automating things using machine learning and some software magic.

About us

We were born thanks to a couple of small local newspapers looking for an option to get the content "the big guys" had but at a price they could afford.

After helping with a solution to show elections results, we embarked in a mission to satisfy that need and help them cover other topics.

We have partners of all sizes, from local newspapers in cities with 20K inhabitants, TV Stations in cities with 800K inhabitants to massive media companies like Clarín.

Let us help you

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